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Young woman holding Active Wow Toothpaste Tabs in one hand and holding one tab in the other hand near her mouth

It's National Fresh Breath Day!

At Active Wow, we strongly believe in the importance of good oral care. No really, we do. That’s why on this National Fresh Breath Day (yes, that’s a real day haha) we are helping you combat those ...

#onlineshoppingYoung woman holding some Mouthwash Tabs as she chooses one with her other hand

New Launch? Say Hello to Our Natural Mouthwash Tabs!

Exciting news! We've just launched our Natural Mouthwash Tabs. Experience a new way to freshen your breath by welcoming Natural Mouthwash Tabs into your oral care routine.

#beautyWhat is Sorbitol & Why is it in my Toothpaste?

What is Sorbitol & Why is it in my Toothpaste?

Sorbitol derives from fruits and vegetables, but it is common to find it in some cosmetic and dental care products... it's even been used as a supplement to sugar. Now why is this ingredient in you...

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