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Young woman holding Active Wow Toothpaste Tabs in one hand and holding one tab in the other hand near her mouth

It's National Fresh Breath Day!

At Active Wow, we strongly believe in the importance of good oral care. No really, we do. That’s why on this National Fresh Breath Day (yes, that’s a real day haha) we are helping you combat those ...

#onlineshoppingYoung man holding Charcoal Teeth Whitening Kit near his face with an LED light in the other hand

5 Father’s Day Gifts - The Guide to Making Him Smile

Father's Day is quickly approaching, and we believe dads or special father figures everywhere deserve to be appreciated and pampered on that warm summer Sunday in June.

#beautyDIY Beauty Products with Charcoal Powder

DIY Beauty Products with Charcoal Powder

Do you have some left over charcoal powder sitting on your shelf? Here are some beauty DIYs that can be made in the comfort of your home.  This detoxifying powder can be used to make face masks, sh...

Beauty5 Tips for Staying Motivated During Quarantine

5 Tips for Staying Motivated During Quarantine

Feeling uninspired? Here are our top 5 tips for staying motivated during lockdown so that you can keep that smile on everyday.

charcoalThe Powder That Started It All

The Powder That Started It All

Black powder that whitens your teeth? For real? … It’s no secret that activated charcoal has gone viral. It’s popping up everywhere – food, drinks, and even beauty products! So it’s no surprise tha...

charcoalProducts tailored to your lifestyle

Products tailored to your lifestyle

Charcoal vs. Premium Before diving into the different products, let’s talk about charcoal vs. premium. You’ll see that Active Wow offers almost every product in either activated charcoal, or premiu...

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