5 Tips for Staying Motivated During Quarantine

5 Tips for Staying Motivated During Quarantine


There is no doubt that lockdown has been tough on all of us. We’ve given up gyms, indoor dining, social gatherings, movie theatres, and even employment opportunities. Understandably, it is natural to wake up feeling unmotivated when everyday looks like the next. 
In effort to combat this, our team at Active Wow has come up with our top tips for staying sane and motivated during our time in quarantine, and we’d love to share them with you!  

1. Establish a Schedule 


Have you ever found yourself wondering what day it is? Me too. It’s easy to lose track of time if you haven’t set a schedule. Although many of our day-to-day activities have changed, there are still many things you can do straight from home. 

Hold yourself accountable –  Get enough zzz’s, eat small meals throughout the day, and get your daily steps in. We encourage you to set a bedtime, alarms, schedule in your walks and workouts, establish your work hours, and even your relaxation time. 

2. Make To-Do Lists


While to-do lists aren’t for everyone, they’re a great way to keep yourself motivated, productive and on track of things that must get done. 
Set a list for the day, week, month – this will keep you from procrastinating and will let you go to bed feeling accomplished. Because let’s face it, there is nothing more satisfying than checking off an item from a list.  

3. Re-organize your Home 


Organization doesn’t only include creating lists and setting schedules, physical organization is just as important. Why not live in spaces of your dreams that you’ve never had time to create? 
Embrace this home-time by doing a major closet declutter, rearranging your furniture and room layouts, organizing your pantry and sorting through dated files. Creating an organized space to live and work in is not only beneficial to your home, but also boosts your mental clarity. 

4. Set Goals 


Being at home doesn’t have to be as upsetting as we make it sound. There are plenty of ways to reach your goals and truly embrace this downtime. 
We encourage you to set some crazy goals – master your cooking or baking skills, work on projects you always wanted to do (it’s a great time to start a new hobby...crafting anyone?!), learn new things by watching documentaries and videos, or set some big fitness goals such as training for a half-marathon or reaching your dream fitness goal. 

5. Focus on Self-Care


Self-care is super important as it gives you time to focus on….you! It can create a sense of calm and relaxation while taking care of yourself as well. It can be as simple as doing a face mask (there’s lots of homemade recipes online) or as big as establishing a full nightly or weekly routine which can include skin care, hair care, and oral care.

A Final Note...

Self-care can take on many shapes. Oftentimes we are so preoccupied with our busy schedules and commitments that we forget to take care of ourselves. 

One benefit of quarantine is that we've been forced to evaluate our lives and become in touch with our most organic selves, without all of our usual distractions.


So don’t forget to do something that makes you happy every single day. Whether that be spending time with your loved ones, making a delicious home latte, going on your morning walk, or petting your fur baby. Do whatever it is that has you smiling everyday, because productivity is much easier to accomplish when you’re happy within.

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Amazing! thank you for the tips, they’re really helpful

Michal Pronski

Michal Pronski

As with everything else in life, there are pros and cons of every situation. Making the conscious effort to focus on the pros makes the current distress so much more bearable. Thanks for this inspiration Active Wow.

Adriana Hernández

Adriana Hernández

Realy good tips 👍👍

Adriana Hernández

Adriana Hernández

Muy buenos tips 👍

Higinio tellez

Higinio tellez

Sensacional 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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