Is Charcoal Safe To Use On Your Teeth?

Is Charcoal Safe To Use On Your Teeth?


It’s no secret that activated charcoal has gone viral. It’s popping up everywhere – food, drinks, and even beauty products! So it’s no surprise that activated charcoal is now being used as the latest solution for whiter teeth. But does it really work? That’s a question we get asked A LOT! Let's jump right in shall we?


What is Activated Charcoal?

Activated charcoal is very different from your typical household charcoal (aka the stuff you use to BBQ). It has a much larger surface area than normal charcoal, which is why it effectively absorbs toxins, such as deeply rooted oral stains from coffee and wine. Basically, it’s a form of carbon that has been treated to make the surface of its particles porous. 

Our activated charcoal is made from organic coconut and it is 100% natural. And we use the finest powder to make sure it’s completely safe for your teeth (it's even less abrasive than baking soda!)


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I recently purchased the active wow pen and immediately saw results. This then prompted me to try the charcoal powder. Can’t wait for the experience.

Latonya CRISP

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