Products tailored to your lifestyle

Products tailored to your lifestyle

Charcoal vs. Premium

Before diving into the different products, let’s talk about charcoal vs. premium. You’ll see that Active Wow offers almost every product in either activated charcoal, or premium 24k white. So what’s the difference?

It’s simple – one is natural, and one isn’t. Active Wow premium products use carbamide peroxide, while the charcoal products use activated coconut charcoal. They both work the same. The only difference is that one is a natural alternative, and the other uses a delicate blend of carbamide peroxide to help get rid of stubborn stains. So if you’re looking for a natural alternative, definitely reach for the charcoal kit; if not, carbamide peroxide may be the way to go!


Teeth Whitening Kit

Active Wow’s teeth whitening kit should be used when you’re trying to quickly get rid of stubborn stains that just won’t budge. The kit uses LED technology that not only speeds up the teeth whitening process, but also tackles stains beneath the surface to help you achieve a pearly white smile. It’s also the perfect product to invest in if you have sensitive teeth! It’s so gentle on your enamel, you won’t feel a thing.


Teeth Whitening Pen

Let’s talk pens. Is it as strong as the teeth whitening kit? No, it’s not, but it still does the job. If you’re the type of person that has an extremely busy schedule, then this is the product for you. It’s on-the-go, so you can use it pretty much anywhere, and anytime. It’s also the perfect addition to the kit – so you can touch up that beautifully white smile at work, or right before a hot date! I personally keep one in my make up kit all the time.


Charcoal Powder

The product that everyone still raves about! This product is a good solution for whitening your teeth while eliminating bad odor. Depending on how stained your teeth are, you could see results in as little as one to two treatments. If you’re looking for ultra-white teeth, I recommend this product as your starting point for the highest natural shade possible. Then move to kit to take your teeth to the next level!


Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

The toothpaste is basically the easiest way to whiten your teeth, daily. You don’t have to wait or add an extra step to your beauty routine…you just have to brush your teeth like you always do! Again, if you’re the type of person who is looking for a convenient way to whiten your teeth, the toothpaste is the way to go. Personally, I use the toothpaste as a daily teeth whitener, while using the charcoal kit once every two weeks for consistent treatment that goes beyond just the surface.



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Hopefully this makes things a little simpler for you! If you have any more questions, or are looking for more tips, subscribe to our newsletter and follow our Instagram channel – we’re always looking for new ways we can help you!

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