Introducing...Whitening Toothpaste Tabs

Introducing...Whitening Toothpaste Tabs

Yes, you heard that right… We just launched Natural Whitening Toothpaste Tabs!

We like options, especially when they are all natural, convenient, and effective. That’s why we launched toothpaste tabs! We created them to be pre-portioned into easy-to-use tabs using a blend of baking soda and mint to help whiten your teeth with every brush.


With only one tab needed per use, these little fellas work to reinvigorate your breath, while keeping you feeling fresh and clean. They are perfect for when you’re on the go or when you simply want an alternative to toothpaste (and we think they are a lot more fun!)

In true Active Wow style, our tabs are SLS, Paraben and Fluoride free. So, if you’re ready for a convenient solution, then it's time to #ReplaceThePaste and say hello to our Natural Whitening Toothpaste Tabs.


Sorbitol: Commonly used as a natural sweetening agent, it is also non-cariogenic so it helps protect against tooth decay.

Baking Soda: A natural and effective way to help clean teeth and remove stains.

Mint: A refreshing kick to the whitening process, and helps keep your breath minty fresh!

We hope you love it! Get it here.

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