What’s Staining Your Teeth (& How to Fix This)!

What’s Staining Your Teeth (& How to Fix This)!

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wondered why your teeth don’t look white despite brushing them everyday? Surprisingly, there are many foods and drinks that contribute to teeth discoloration… and you may even be darkening your smile with every bite and sip. 

Many of us are already familiar with the common teeth-staining culprits, such as coffee and red wine. So we’ve come up with a surprising round up of other contenders working daily to take away your natural sparkle and shine.


But fruit is supposed to be good for you right? In reality, dark colored fruit juices such as grape, cranberry or prune are not only high in sugar (causing bad teeth health), but they also lead to teeth stains. Since fruit juices are acidic, sugary and concentrated in nature, your teeth actually soak up the detriments when consuming. 


This one is a little more surprising (and upsetting for those pizza and pasta lovers like myself), but the tomato in tomato sauces contains a high concentration of acid, which you guessed it, will darken your teeth over time. To make matters worse, the sauce’s dark red pigmentation contributes to the problem. 


Similar to fruit juices, sodas such as Cola are high in acid and sugar.  This results in the discoloration of your teeth as it can cause erosion of your enamel. All kinds of soda drinks can affect your teeth’s whiteness, however the chromogens in Cola are especially known to stain teeth.


Yes, your sweet tooth may be creating a dark tooth. Sadly, any form of colorful and hard candy (like the kind that changes your tongue into cool colors), can cause your teeth to stain, as the candy dye inhabits your enamel. So we recommend eating candy in moderation... and yes, we know that’s easier said than done.  


Noticing a trend (hint: acidic and dark)? Both of these tasty toppings have a dark pigmentation that can linger on your teeth a little longer than we’d like. Additionally, they are acidic in nature, thus causing your enamel to deteriorate slowly.


Last but not least, a meal. Well not only does curry stain your plates, but it can also your teeth! So be sure to mix in those veggies on your plate and spread out these tasty meals if you’d like to keep your teeth stark white.


Simple strategies such as using a reusable straw to drink your teeth-staining beverages or quickly rinsing your mouth after eating dark colored foods work to prevent further damage. However, these practical efforts do not reverse the existing problem.

Active Wow recommends using products that can be easily incorporated into your lifestyle and daily beauty routine. Our products tackle your existing tough stains in a gentle, natural and quick manner. 

Try a teeth whitening pen if your beauty routine is always on-the-go, the charcoal powder for a 100% natural solution, our teeth whitening toothpaste if you’d like self-care made simple, or a teeth whitening kits if you’re looking for that dentist-like whitening.

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