The Great fluoride Debate

The Great fluoride Debate

Is it bad for you? We’ll tell you.

The topic of fluoride is not a new conversation, you can do a quick Google search and see endless results on the pros and cons of using it in oral care (and drinking water). The use of fluoride has been argued as early as the 1940s. I’ll save you some time Googling but the gist of why fluoride has been used in oral care is fluoride is proven to prevent cavities and reduce tooth decay - so if it's so great, how come it's not in our toothpastes? 

It's cuz we’re on a mission to create natural products that our customers love. Fluoride used in toothpaste isn’t natural, therefore we don’t love it as an ingredient. Customers have been asking for more toothpaste options that don’t have fluoride in it. You asked and we listened by creating our line of delicious, natural pastes

We’ll delve into this a bit more below in a quick Q&A session, but if fluoride is ingested in high doses it can be dangerous. And when you think about it we brush our teeth 730 times a year (assuming you brush twice a day...which we strongly encourage). And if you’re using a fluoride toothpaste you are exposing yourself to a higher amount, especially if you live in a city that adds fluoride to your drinking water as well.

What Is Fluoride?

In nature, Calcium Fluoride is a mineral made up of a group of compounds that are composed of the naturally occurring element fluorine that can be found naturally in water, soil, plants, rocks, even air.

However, it’s the industrialized form called sodium fluoride that is found in toothpastes and in water systems. This compound is a chemical byproduct, and it does not occur in nature. It also can be easily absorbed into the body and is linked to a number of health issues.

Is Fluoride Bad For You?

Fluoride is a toxic ingredient and in high doses it can be dangerous. Have you noticed on some of your traditional toothpaste tubes that there’s a warning to call poison control is fluoride toothpaste is ingested? Yup, the warning is there. Not only can it weaken your immune system and lead to birth defects, the overuse of fluoride can cause a type of tooth decay known as dental fluorosis. You’re probably thinking that fluoride is likely used in such small doses in toothpaste that none of this could likely happen, and you're probably right...but as I mentioned above we use toothpaste every + drink water everyday, so it can add up.

Why Is Fluoride In Some Toothpastes?

Fluoride is found in toothpaste for the same reason why it was added to public drinking water systems in the US, because fluoride is proven to prevent decay due to inhibiting the ability to produce acids that can cause bacteria. Fluoride can also remineralize areas that have been damaged due to acid.

What Can You Do To Prevent Cavities Without Using Fluoride?

One of the best ways to prevent cavities is to make sure you are getting regular dental exams. Another prevention method is to simply just your teeth brush on the reg using proper techniques (soft bristled brush, gentle strokes, 45 degree angle, floss every get the idea). And lastly keep your sugary and acidic drinks in check. Sugar can linger in your saliva which can lead to cavities.

In summary, it’s totally up to you whether you choose to use a toothpaste that is fluoride free or not, we are all grown ups here and the decision is ours. Our goal is to provide you with the best oral care options that fit your lifestyle and if you’re like us then we choose the natural option.

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