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Teeth Whitening Myths You Need to Stop Believing

Teeth Whitening Myths You Need to Stop Believing

On your search journey to a brighter smile, you may have come across a mass of information including teeth whitening tips, tricks, facts and myths. We understand that it can be difficult and even overwhelming to fact check everything you’ve heard and read, so we’re here to make it easy for you – keep on reading to get the full lowdown on what’s true and what’s not.

Myth #1: Teeth Whitening Causes Sensitivity 

While everyone experiences teeth sensitivity differently, there are options on the market that make choosing the right product for you easier. Using all natural ingredients like charcoal powder can be a great way to see results over time without causing sensitivity as it is gentle on your enamel. Using stronger ingredients such as carbamide peroxide (this is what a dentist would use as part of a whitening treatment) is a great way to see quick results. There are even at-home kits with low sensitivity formulas available like this one. Everyone is different, but it’s reassuring to know that there are options available.

Myth #2: The More you Brush, The Whiter your Teeth  

The truth is that your teeth will darken naturally as you age and eat or drink foods that stain your teeth. The focus should be on quality brushing and using the right products, and not the quantity of brushing (though it is suggested that brushing twice a day is best). We recommend using toothpastes that contain a whitening formula to effectively help remove surface stains and keep that smile bright, everyday.  

Myth #3: Once you Whiten Once, You’ll Never Have to Whiten Again

Unfortunately this is not the case. As we continue to eat or drink foods that stain our teeth, we must also continue to maintain our pearly whites. It’s a long term relationship and commitment to ourselves…However, using products that work for you and are easy to use, can make it easy to integrate teeth whitening into your daily routine. 

Myth #4: Teeth Whitening is too Expensive 

While professional dental whitening can range anywhere from $650 to $3500, at home solutions and products are much more affordable. Not only does this give you more options for whitening, such as toothpastes, powders, pens, tabs, or kits, but the products also come in an array of prices and whitening strengths. These solutions can be easily implemented into your lifestyle and are also budget-friendly. 

Final Note:  

Taking care of your oral health is important. While brushing and flossing is important for your teeth’s overall strength and health, keeping them bright will make them even happier. By using products that make the job easy, teeth whitening can seamlessly become a part of your daily routine. 

After all, when you’re confident with your smile, not only will it make you want to smile more, but those around you will be smiling right back.

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