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Happy National Pet Day!

It's no secret that Active Wow loves their fur family. I'm sure that many of you can agree when we say that pets are a big reason for creating smiles and sparking happiness everyday.

From wagging their tail when they see us, to following us around the house, to welcoming us home after a long day, pets show their appreciation for us every single day. However, little do they know the HUGE impact that they have on our lives and the joy they bring into it. So it's time to give them a much needed appreciation post.  

In honor of this special date, we'd like to share some members of our Active Wow family. Let's get to know them! 

Boss the Dachshund

What makes him smile: Cuddles and the smell of food!

Jet the Black Lab 

What makes him smile: Food, friends and family!

Doobie the Cat

What makes him smile: Hugs and cuddles!

Nigel the Dachshund

What makes him smile: Burrowing/sleeping in cozy, soft, warm places, peanut butter & being called a "good boy"!

Penny the Bearded Collie

What makes her smile: Swimming!

If you have a furry friend that makes your days a little brighter, send us a DM at @activewow. We'd love to see and share them on our socials! 

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