Are you using the right products?

Are you using the right products?

We really hope you've been enjoying our products and seeing great results after using them for a little while. In this email we'd like to delve a bit deeper in to the formulas we use, just to make sure you are using the products that are best for you.

Let’s talk about charcoal versus premium. You’ve noticed that we offer almost every product in either activated charcoal or premium 24K white.



So what’s the difference?

It’s simple - one is natural, and one isn’t. Our premium products (Premium Kit and Premium Pen) use carbamide peroxide (a dental grade ingredient) and our charcoal products use activated coconut charcoal (Charcoal Kit and Charcoal Pen).



Both formulas offer great results, the only difference is that one is a natural alternative to help whiten over time, and the other uses a delicate blend of carbamide peroxide to help get rid of stubborn stains. If you prefer to choose products that are natural or if you have sensitive teeth we'd recommend our charcoal line. If you're searching for dentist-like results than carbamide peroxide may be the way to go for you!

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